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We Truly Care About Your Health

We take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease. We offer a variety of alternative health products that treat you, not your condition. We believe that you are not living your best life possible, unless your mind and body are completely healthy. 


Why Choose Haldivita?

  • Overall Health booster.

With Curcumin as it’s major ingredients, HaldiVita acts as a health booster for you and your family.

  • Boosts Immunity

With Curcumin as it’s major ingredients, HaldiVita acts as a health booster for you and your family.

  • Power Of Ayurveda


It’s 100% power of Ayurveda. Ingredients of HaldiVita are handpicked by our experts and no chemicals are used.

  • No Side Effect (Contains Nuts)


HaldiVita has no side-effects and can be used as a health supplement without any hesitation.

  • Tastiest Golden Milk

Haldi milk or golden milk is generally not very tasty. But our formula is made keeping in the taste factors and ease of use.

  • Suitable For All Age Group

HaldiVita is suitable for all age groups and gender. Regular consumption of HaldiVita promotes a healthy life.


How to consume HaldiVita dietary mix?


HaldiVita is a super easy dietary mix formulated keeping in mind the busy lives.

  • Take 1-2 scoop of HaldiVita  ( 2 times day).
  •  Mix it with 100 ml of lukewarm water or milk or almond milk.
  • Have it empty stomach in the morning with water and after work-outs.


NEPTUNE - Anti Scaling Device


How Water get's Scaled?

Water  is the greatest solvent known. Whenever it goes in dissolves small  particles of everything it contacts. Two of most common minerals  dissolved are Calcium and Magnesium. These dissolved minerals cause the  water to be “hard”, and go on to redeposit on pipes, hot water systems,  household appliances and any other surface the water may come in contact  with, building up a lime scale.

NEPTUNE Anti-Scaling Device – Functioning / Description:

Our Anti Scaling Device (NEPTUNE)  offers an entirely new dimension in the water treatment technology. The  Neptune neutralizes the bonding ability of the minerals that are  present in water and effectively break down large mineral crystals into  tiny mineral particles and prevent them from reacting with other  minerals or bonding to any surface to form scale. The process is so  effective that existing scales are progressively broken down and flushed  away in due course of time.

Our NEPTUNE Anti-Scaling Device prevent and remove scale in pipes and tanks,  improves the taste of drinking water, helps in prevention of skin  diseases etc.., and comes with 05 years replacement warranty. It’s an  inline water conditioner. NEPTUNE is  proven to practically eliminate hard lime scale formation and works by  inducing small cluster of water particles into the water using a process  called Vortex.

Another  major benefit is that the technology systems require no salt, No  chemicals and No backwashing involved, it is safe, effective and  economical with zero maintenance. In fact, in addition there are savings  in the chemical usage, replacement of Pipelines and savings on costly  maintenance of equipments. Also savings on Electricity charges, Labour,  administrative costs for cleaning & replacements, All of this adds  up to rapid return on investment for your facility. 

NEPTUNE remove lime scale deposits while prolonging the life of…

  • Piping system
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing Machine
  • Faucets
  • Sinks
  • Humidifiers
  • Water heater
  • Tankless heaters
  • Toilets
  • Showerheads
  • Coffee makers
  • Radiant heating

Your  appliances & fixtures that come in contact with hard water will  operate much more efficiently and will have a prolonged life expectancy  with NEPTUNE installed.


ACES - Air Conditioning Energy Saver Device


The World needs more efficient air conditioning... We have the solution

Each year air conditioning consumes more than one trillion kwh of electricity. In warmer climates, or during hotter periods, they can represent as much as 50% of total energy consumption at organizational level.



  • Problem - A large part of the system’s energy consumption is associated with the compressor, which is often oversized for its application. The compressor often continues to operate without benefitting the environment as a result of the effect known as Thermodynamic saturation.
  • Thermodynamic saturation occurs as cooling takes effect and temperature differentials between air entering and leaving the system narrow. 
  • Effect -The system continues to cool air needlessly, with the compressor consuming energy without benefit.
  • The Solution -ACES are used to reduce the energy consumption of commercial air conditioning systems across the globe, improving comfort levels, equipment performance and reliability at the same time. 



  • Simple to install on existing equipment and requires zero maintenance
  • Improves comfort levels.
  • Extends equipment life and reduces need for maintenance
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 30%



  • Equipment - Improve life of Air conditioners , & hence the Opex Expense.
  •  Save Electricity without Changing your Equipment.
  •  Hence saving on Capex and Time to Procure.
  •  Investment - Payback within 24 Months.
  •  Low Investment , if Compared with Procuring new Equipment’s
  •  Environment -Reduces Green House Gas Emission Effect , by Optimizing the compressor RUN Time .

Our Promise to You

We understand that not all products work for everyone. We carry products that can work for your individual health needs. You can count on us to have the highest quality alternative health products on our shelves.  


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Check out this great video


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